OrganicWays Cow Manure Made Vermicompost, Organic Natural Plant Nutrient for Home Gardens and Potting Mix (5 Kg)


Organic Ways brings you the highest quality, odour free, premium Vermicompost. It offers an effective combination of natural properties of cow dung manure and vermi-composting. Feed your plants organically rich and balanced diet, which releases essential nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium ( NPK ) slowly and as plants require.
This product is made from cow dung manure, using Red Wigglers earth worms, which are considered best in vermicomposting process, making it the highest quality natural fertilizer. This product is ideal for your plants in lawns, yards, home gardens, bins, containers, pots, indoor plants and farm beds. It makes an ideal composition of potting mix too.
Organic Ways Vermicompost is chemical free. Also there are no pesticides. Let your children and pets play around plants and in lawn grass after applying this. It is completely safe for them. Natural compositions of the fertilizer will take care of overall health of your plants like vegetables such as tomato, potato, flowers such as rose, marigold, fruits like strawberry, grass and herbs.
Organic Ways Vermicompost Is Premium, Granular Product. Fully Decomposed, It Is Self Sufficient. We Bring You Pure And Just Vermicompost, Mixed With Nothing. It Has Earned Us Some Of The Best Reviews From Our Esteemed Customers. It Is Truly 'Garden-Gold'.
Organic Ways Vermicompost Naturally Benefits Plants In Several Different Ways. It Is The Best Soil Conditioner, Improves Soil Aeration. It Improves Water Holding Capacity Of Soil Resulting In Less Water Loss. The Micro Nutrients In It Are Easily Absorbed By The Roots Of Plants. Germination Of Seeds Is Encouraged. It Encourages Root Growth, Resulting In Improved Overall Health Of The Plants. Increased Micro-Organisms Helps Plants To Become More Decease Resistant And Also Repels Some Plant Pests.

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