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Patanjali Pachak Ajwain With Aloe Vera Pack


A Unique Formulation By Patanjali, Pachak Ajwain With Aloevera Combines The Medicinal Prowess Of Thymol Oil And Soothing Goodness Of Aloe Vera To Bring You A Powerful Digestive. Fortified With Ginger Powder, Bay Leaf And Coriander, The Naturopathic Preparation Is A Great Option For Your Daily Digestive Routine.

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  • Improving The Insulin Production, Raising The Glucose Tolerance , Possessing The Hypotension, Diuresis Action , Possessing The Antioxidant Activity , Possessing The Anticancer Activity
  • Possessing The Antimicrobial Action , Possessing The Antiinflammatory Action , Acting As Free Radical Scavenger , Contributing Cytotoxic Effects Due To The Antioxidant Activity
  • Possessing Significant Antimicrobial Activity. ,Possessing Anticancer Activity Due To Gingerols, Shogaol, And Parasols , Possessing Antioxidant Ability Due To The Gingerols , Possessing Good Anti Inflammatory Activity.


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